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  • Counseling and representation of Corporations and individuals regarding commercial, civil and real estate litigation in State and Federal Mexican courts.
  • USA Judgments and Arbitral awards, enforcement in Mexican territory.
  • International collections. Cross-border proceedings.
  • Legal counsel and representation of employers in Labor claims brought by current and former employees. Labor trials, legal advice, settlements.
  • Counseling and representation in administrative court proceedings.
  • If needed, legal counsel, defense strategy and representation in Court against criminal indictments related to business problems, malpractices, negligent performance or real estate complex disputes.
Hector Cervantes Lawyer litigation service
Lobbyist service


  • Professional representation of Mexican and USA Corporations, as well as general investors, before local, State or Federal Government. Counseling.
  • Procurement of special permits, concessions or licenses.


  • Title search and due diligence regarding land use and legal status of real estate property.
  • Complex contracts and secure operations, conveyances and leases.
  • Real Estate operations in agrarian soil known as “Ejidos”.
  • Trusts in Mexican Banks to own residential ocean-front or ocean-view houses.
  • Concessions in the Federal maritime zone, advice and procurement.
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  • Edificio Centura. Blvd. Agua Caliente 10611- 507 Tijuana, B.C. México
  • Tijuana Office: (664) 686-4137
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  • USA Phone: (619) 331- 3710
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